Adding Paint To Your Walls

Adding Paint To Your Walls

4 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Exterior Painting And Improvements To Restore The Outdated Exterior

Paul Lucas

If you have an older home with a worn and damaged exterior, it is time for renovations that include repairs, improvements and exterior painting. First, you will want to inspect the exterior of your home to decide what needs to be done. You will also need to do repairs, clean and sand areas that are going to need to be painted. The following tips will help you prepare your home for exterior painting and other renovations:

1. Evaluate the Exterior of Your Home for Problems and Painting That Needs to Be Done

The exterior of your home can also be painted in some areas and have other finishes in others. Therefore, one of the first things that need to be done is evaluating the building exterior. You want to evaluate the exterior finishes and decide where repairs, improvements, and painting needs to be done. You will also need to get an estimate for the exterior home painting work that you are planning on doing.

2. Removing Damaged Materials and Adding Architectural or Decorative Details to Exterior Finishes

One of the first things that need to be done after evaluating your home exterior is removing damaged materials. You will want to repair any materials before they are painted, as well as add any improvements such as moldings, architectural trim and other decorative details that are installed to improve the appearance of your home.

3. Cleaning and Sanding Old Painted Areas to Get Them Ready for A Fresh Coat of Paint

The cleaning and sanding of old painted surfaces are important to get ready for a new coat of exterior paint. This will ensure that the primer or new paint adheres well to surfaces, as well as ensure that the exterior has a smooth finish with fewer imperfections. It will also help expose any damage that may have been overlooked and still needs to be repaired.

4. Priming Surfaces and Caulking Cracks in Exterior Finishes Before the Final Coat is Applied

Lastly, all the surfaces that are going to get painted should be primed with a special exterior primer. The coat of primer will give the finish coat a base to adhere to, reduce the number of finish coats that need to be applied and protect the materials. In addition to priming the surfaces, you will also want to caulk any cracks like around windows and doors before the new coat of paint is applied.

These are some tips to help prepare the exterior of your home for painting and other repairs or renovations. If you need help with some of these improvements and painting, contact a residential exterior painting service to give the exterior of your home a renovated look.


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Adding Paint To Your Walls

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