Adding Paint To Your Walls

Adding Paint To Your Walls

What You Should Know About Commercial Interior Painting and Mold Growth

Paul Lucas

If you are a new commercial building owner, you may be excited about making that space your own. One of the things you might be thinking about is painting the interior space. However, what should you do if you're walking through the building and discover the presence of mold on some of the interior walls? You might think that you can just paint over it and the paint will cover it. However, this is not the best solution. Here's what you should discuss with your commercial painting contractors.

Why Not Just Paint Over The Mold?

If you wonder why painting over the mold isn't such a good idea, you should understand the basics of mold management. When you leave mold on the walls and paint over it, that mold will continue to grow and spread. Paint does not kill mold—it only covers it. As a result, it can continue to pose a health hazard to your employees and your customers. In addition, when you paint over it, you can no longer see how bad it is getting.

Can You Remove the Mold First?

Most painting contractors have run into the presence of mold occasionally on a job. As a result, most commercial painting contractors have mold remediation specialists that they work with to address the problem. Before your painters will complete the interior painting work, a mold remediation company will treat the affected areas to remove the present mold and help to keep it from coming back. Once the mold has been eliminated, your interior painting work can continue.

How Do You Keep the Mold from Coming Back?

The first step to ensure that the mold doesn't come back is to have the mold remediation company identify the source of the moisture that caused it. Address that moisture so that you eliminate one of the necessary components for mold growth.

Further, talk with your interior painting company about priming the walls with a mold-inhibiting primer. This type of primer will help prevent mold from developing again on your building's walls. Once the primer is applied, you'll want to choose a paint product that will help to inhibit mold growth as well. Mold-resistant paints are popular in commercial environments to help protect employees and customers, so your commercial interior painting contractor should be able to help you find one that will work for your needs.

Reach out to a commercial interior painting company near you today to start planning your building's new look.


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