Adding Paint To Your Walls

Adding Paint To Your Walls

5 Reasons To Buy High-Quality Paint When You Have Your Home Painted

Paul Lucas

When you talk to a painting contractor about painting your home, they'll probably recommend that you invest in high-quality paint. While you may balk at the cost, buying quality paint is usually worth it, and because of the advantages it has over inferior paint, the cost may not be that much more in the end. Here's why buying quality paint is important for your home and your painting contractor.

1. High-Quality Paint Has More Pigment Solids

The solids in paint are what stay behind and provide wall coverage once the paint dries. The more solids in the paint, the better coverage you get. This means imperfections are covered better and the paint can hide the previous color better. If you're using a light color over old, dark paint, then you'll get better results with paint that has more solids.

2. Quality Paint Requires Fewer Coats

Your painting contractor has the goal of providing professional results with even coverage with no old colors bleeding through, so they'll apply as many coats as needed. Since quality paint has more solids, it covers better with a single coat, so fewer coats are needed to get complete coverage of the walls.

Inferior paint could require more coats of paint and that means you would have to buy more cans of paint and end up paying more money than you originally thought you'd need.

3. High-Quality Paint Makes The Work Go Faster

Since your walls need fewer coats for even coverage, your painting contractor can finish the job much quicker. Since each coat has to dry before the next one is applied, using paint that requires several coats drags out the process. Since you're probably in a hurry to get the disruption to your home over, both you and your painting contractor will appreciate using paint that speeds up the job.

Plus, quality paint often costs more because it also includes primer, and if your painter uses this type of paint, it eliminates the need to put on primer coat first and that saves even more time.

4. Quality Paint Lasts Longer

In addition to pigment solids, paint has solvent and binder. The binder is what holds the solids to the wall after the solvent evaporates. High-quality paint uses higher quality resin binder and that makes the paint last longer and be less susceptible to flaking, bubbling, and cracking.

5. Quality Paint May Offer Additional Protection

In addition to slowing aging, the ingredients in quality paint may protect the walls against mildew and mold. Quality resin binders may also protect against scuffing and be much easier to clean and maintain. Your new paint job might last years longer when you choose quality paint, and when you look at the benefits instead of the upfront cost, you can see why paying for better paint is worth it.


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Adding Paint To Your Walls

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