Adding Paint To Your Walls

Adding Paint To Your Walls

Ready For Interior Painting? 3 Projects To Take On Without Touching The Walls

Paul Lucas

While looking around the inside of your house with your family, you may find that everyone is interested in making visual changes. If you know that your family is satisfied with the furniture and decorations, you should be able to focus on house features alone with confidence.

When you are happy with your home's functionality, you should focus on visual aspects such as paint colors and finishes. When you are not interested in painting the walls that would require you to move every decoration and furniture piece, you should take on other paint projects.


The room where you will find the most cabinetry is in the kitchen, which gives you an excellent opportunity to change how this room looks by only painting the cabinets.

Before you make any major decisions, you should check out the cabinet hardware and determine whether you find any fingerprint marks in the surrounding area. In some cases, you will notice that opening and closing the doors can lead to the cabinet exterior getting stained over time.

While this happens naturally from the oils on your hands, you can minimize its visual impact on the kitchen by painting the cabinets in a darker color. Focusing on the cabinet doors is the most important thing because this is what most people will see when spending time in the kitchen.


If you look around the house, you will likely be able to count a lot of interior doors, especially when you include closets. The fact that doors are everywhere makes it quite easy to change how your home looks in a drastic way by painting them. If your kids want to personalize their bedroom with color change, you can just paint the inside of their bedroom door to accomplish this goal.

This allows you to paint the side that you see in the hallway with a different color that meshes better with the color scheme that you are going for throughout the house.


When you like the idea of making a drastic change to how a room looks without painting every single wall or even an accent wall, you may want to paint the ceiling. This will give your home a unique look compared to most other homes that rely on wall color changes to spice things up.

While painting the ceiling will still require a bit of preparation by professionals, you can look forward to it not demanding nearly as much as painting the walls.

Hiring painters for these projects will help you change the interior without touching the walls.

For more information, reach out to a residential interior painting service.


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Adding Paint To Your Walls

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