Adding Paint To Your Walls

Adding Paint To Your Walls

3 Colors To Consider Painting Your Warehouse Interior

Paul Lucas

Painting the interior of your warehouse makes the space look fresh and modern. Certain colors — like natural, earthy shades of blue or green — can also help improve employee productivity, which leads to more profit and happier customers for you.

Here are three colors to consider painting your warehouse interior with. You can paint all the walls within your warehouse's walls or simply upgrade a single larger wall with a color that will boost the appeal of the warehouse space you have.

Eggshell white

While white may seem like a plain color for a warehouse, choosing a white color that has a yellow or tan undertone makes a big difference in a large warehouse setting. Yellow-based white, like eggshell, helps reflect the light of the room and may make your warehouse appear brighter. A brighter and more welcoming workspace can help boost employee morale, particularly when there are few windows in the space. Since white and lighter colors can show painting flaws easier than some other colors, always let your painting contractors do the painting work for you.


A grayish-blue color for your warehouse's interior is appealing because it's a neutral color mixed with an earth tone. Gray is a classic neutral color which helps to keep employees focused and makes a great background color for larger warehouse walls, and when mixed with the soft blue tone, it can also be soothing and calming. A calm atmosphere puts employees at ease, allowing them to work in more stressful and packed environments without being distracted or irritated.

When choosing a grayish-blue color for your warehouse walls, stick to lighter colors. Too-dark grays or blues can make the space appear smaller and darker, which is the opposite of what you're going for. Your commercial painters will help you choose the best grayish-blue colors for your walls.

Muted green

A lighter muted green color is great for a warehouse wall because the color doesn't cause strain to the eyes. For workers who work extended hours, this color can help keep fatigue from setting in. The key to choosing green for your warehouse walls is in the blend: blue mixed with green creates a darker shade, while yellow or gray-based green is lighter and possibly more welcoming for larger work walls.

Your warehouse interior walls can all be upgraded, or you can choose to only paint over walls that are chipped and peeling. Your painting contractors will help you choose the best paint for your warehouse. Contact a commercial painting company, such as Blue Star Painting Company, for more information.


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