Adding Paint To Your Walls

Adding Paint To Your Walls

How You Can Spruce Up Your Restaurant With Some Paint

Paul Lucas

Owning a restaurant that has been in the family for years is something worth bragging about. While you may have a strong clientele that comes in on a regular basis, what if you could get some new customers to come through your door as well? By updating your space and making it look a little bit more modern, you may be able to attract some more customers and make your restaurant even more successful. 

If the thought of having to remodel your restaurant is something that you know won't fit in your budget, then you may be surprised to know what some paint can do for your place. 

Have the Exterior Painted

Painting the exterior of your restaurant is not something that's easy to do on your own; especially if it has several levels. When you hire a commercial painting service, they will typically use scaffolding so that they can get the entire exterior of your restaurant and make it look almost like new. Some fun exterior paint trends right now include bright white, creamy white, light grey, dark grey, and black. Whether you have brick, siding, or stucco, your painting company should be able to get the job done for you. 

Have the Entire interior painted

Adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior of your restaurant is also a great way for you to update the space. When choosing a paint color for the inside, consider going with a bright white because it will really liven up the place and make it look more modern. If you want to add a little bit of color to your restaurant but you don't want to commit to a lot of it, then consider having an accent wall painted so that it looks more like a feature wall. When choosing a paint finish and type of paint, just make sure to talk to your commercial painter about one that's washable; that way you can wipe the walls down if you get any food on it or if you're customers get any food on it. 

Have Furniture Painted

Another thing you can have painted is your furniture like your dining tables especially if they are solid wood and are in need of some updating. When having your furniture painted, consider going with something like a lacquer because it lasts a really long time and is easy to wipe clean. 

Having an updated restaurant can help you attract a younger and newer type of customer. To learn more about commercial painting, reach out to a service near you today. 


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Adding Paint To Your Walls

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