Adding Paint To Your Walls

Adding Paint To Your Walls

3 Painting Tips For A Professional Look

Paul Lucas

It's easy to paint a home that is brand new, with smooth walls that have never been touched with any other coats of paint. You most likely are painting a home that was built more than thirty years ago and the walls may not be even; you may even have sags in your ceiling. This can make painting a room a nightmare and you'll make your walls look much more noticeably uneven if you aren't careful with your paint job. To help give your older, imperfect home a professional paint job, read on for helpful tips.

1. Tape Is Your Friend

You aren't going to use painter's tape that way you would think though. Painter's tape works well on surfaces you don't want to get paint on, but in the case of your older home that has uneven ceilings, you are going to want to tape a line that is straight across and paint your ceiling paint down to that line. Even if it covers part of your wall, you are going to want to paint to that line. It's going to give the illusion of a straight line, even if part of it is on your wall and not exactly on just your ceiling. You'll do the same thing when you paint your wall. Make your own imaginary ceiling line since yours is uneven and tape the line. Usually about a quarter of an inch below your ceiling is enough space to give you that straight line without it looking too noticeable.

2. Invest In Good Paintbrushes And Rollers

If you're trying to use a tattered paintbrush for your paint job that you've used on every other room in your home, you're going to get a tattered paint job. Invest in a new paintbrush with every new paint job, or if your paintbrush is starting to have curled bristles or the bristles are damaged in any way, toss it and invest in a new one. The same goes with rollers; invest in a good quality roller that isn't going to fall apart as you are painting.

3. Invest In Quality Paint

The paint you use is going to give you a good or a bad paint job. If you are attempting to paint with dime-store paint, it's most likely going to be colored water with a splash of paint. Invest in quality paint that will cover well on the first coat, so you aren't having to go back and paint three or four coats of paint to cover a single wall in your home. This extra time and work can be a pain and will only end up costing you more money in the long run. 

If you are going to be starting a paint project in your home, use the tips above to help you achieve a more professional-looking paint job. Hire an actual professional with the task of painting your home for the very best results. For more information, contact a company like WOW Painting & Contracting LLC.


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Adding Paint To Your Walls

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