Adding Paint To Your Walls

Adding Paint To Your Walls

Commercial Painting: Why It's Worth It to Paint Your Building's Exterior Gray

Paul Lucas

Commercial painting on the exterior of your building is one of the best ways you can market your company. Choose the right color for your building's exterior, and you present your company as a reliable, efficient, and approachable business. Choosing classic white is a common go-to, but it doesn't leave much as far as charm and curb appeal and is difficult to keep clean.

If you need to have commercial painting done on the outside of your building, you might be best off by choosing gray as your main color. Always have your commercial painter do both your interior and exterior painting projects. Here are some reasons why gray is a wise option for painting your building.

1. Gray is an appealing neutral

A neutral color is essentially a colorless shade, with little to no actual undertone. What makes gray appealing is that it is neutral with a bit more depth than white or tan, and the gray tone can be heightened with black or blue to make the shade darker or lightened up with white to give it an almost basic white appeal. If you don't want a lot of color on the exterior of your building but you want to stay away from true white, a gray shade can be just what you need.

Gray is an appealing neutral in that you can use the same shade of gray for the whole building without making the structure look bland or one-dimensional. If you want to make your building look larger, use a gray shade with white or cream undertones. If you want to make your larger building look more defined, stick to darker grays with a purple, black, or silver undertone to spruce up the gray color.

2. Gray is a less expected neutral

Ask your commercial painter what the most common neutral colors are on buildings and you'll likely be told that white, beige, and tan are the most common colors being used. If you want to go with a neutral but want to be a bit outside the box, stick to gray. Gray can be used both inside and outside your building and used as an exterior color, helps to make your building stand out positively among the competition.

Gray helps make existing landscape work stand out and gives your building's exterior a fresh, new look. Ask your commercial painting contractor which shade of gray will work best for your building when they do your initial consultation.


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