Adding Paint To Your Walls

Adding Paint To Your Walls

Mood Changer: Using Colors Of Paint To Change The Atmosphere In A Room

Paul Lucas

When it comes to changing the atmosphere in a room, nothing beats the right paint color. Whether you want to energize a room or create a feeling of serenity, paint is up to the task. Before you contact your painting contractor, take some time to decide which moods you want to evoke in every room and let that be your guide when selecting paint colors.

Shades of red

The most energizing of all hues, red is a common color used in restaurants because it is thought to stimulate the appetite. Paint your kitchen or dining room in shades of red to inspire great conversations around the dinner table. Medium or dark reds work best in kitchens and dining rooms and look especially well with black and white accents.

Shades of blue

The moodiest of all color families, blue can evoke a wide range of emotions depending on the shade. Bright blues can lift the mood in living rooms and family rooms. Grayish blues create a sense of calmness and are popular choices for bedrooms and the home office.

Shades of brown

There is nothing dull about brown, and now more than ever, it is getting the attention it deserves. Rustic and charming, brown can warm up a room and increase the cozy factor. It is a great choice for dens, man caves, and living rooms with a fireplace.

Shades of yellow

Yellow is a popular color to use in family rooms and children's playrooms due to its optimistic and energizing hues. Bright yellow is best administered in small doses, so consider using it for an accent wall to give a neutral room a pop of color. Softer shades of yellow, such as buttery or pastel shades, are a good option for a nursery or bedroom and will brighten up the room while providing a sense of calmness.  

Shades of green

At home in any room, green is a game-changer with its versatile and refreshing hues. From minty shades of green to grass green, you simply cannot go wrong when using green in any room of the house to add an optimistic feeling to the atmosphere. It is a great choice for any room and is especially popular for family gyms or exercise rooms.

Choosing the best color for interior rooms in the home is easy when you let your emotions be your guide. Knowing the mood you wish to establish in each room will make it easy for you to determine the right paint palette for your home. When your painting contractor arrives, you will be confident knowing you have chosen the best color for your interior walls.


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