Adding Paint To Your Walls

Adding Paint To Your Walls

Suffering From Color Confusion? Understanding Interior Paint Color Will Clear Things Up

Paul Lucas

Deciding to have the interior of your home painted is an easy decision, especially if you are tired of your current color and ready for a change. However, deciding what color to paint your interior is not always an easy decision with the wide variation in colors, tones, and shades. Learning how different colors can affect the mood and atmosphere of your home will help you clear up color confusion and choose the color best for your home.

Energizing hues

Heavily saturated shades of yellow, red, and orange ooze energy and are a great choice for rooms that tend to be busy, such as a kitchen, family room, or child's playroom. However, not every room is a good choice for colors that exude energy. Avoid high-energy colors for bedrooms, living rooms, or a home office, as they may be too stimulating for these rooms.  

Calming colors

Many shades of blue and green give off peaceful and calming vibes. Perfect for a bedroom, subtle shades of green and blue will help you create your own relaxing sanctuary that promotes restfulness and sleep. Greens and blues can also transform a bathroom into your own spa-like experience.

Natural and neutral shades

A perfect choice for those who want to paint the entire interior in the same color, natural and neutral shades, such as gray, taupe, beige, and off-white make it easy to decorate each room in a variety of styles if desired because almost everything will match. You can add bold and colorful accent pieces to any neutral-painted room to change the tone or mood in the room while keeping decorating options open if you want to switch accents to celebrate seasons or holidays.

Sophisticated and elegant tones

White, black, and gray used together in an interior is a good choice for those who enjoy elegance and sophistication. Classic white combined with a black or gray accent wall is perfect for a modern or contemporary home. If you enjoy simple elegance, choose bright white for walls and add white furniture and accents to create a monochrome home that is stunning and simplistic at the same time.

Paint packs a powerful punch and can transform the look of your home in an amazing way. In fact, if you do nothing else in your home, simply having your walls painted will change the look of your home. A new paint color will also set the mood in a room and change the atmosphere.

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Adding Paint To Your Walls

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