Adding Paint To Your Walls

Adding Paint To Your Walls

How To Get A More Professional Finish When Painting Your Rooms

Paul Lucas

If you look at a wall that has been painted by a pro, you will often be impressed by how smooth and even the paint job is. You probably won't see any drips, the edges will be completely straight, and brush marks basically won't exist. Why can't you get these results when you paint your own rooms? In short, you probably can, but you will need to use some of the same techniques that professionals use in order to get those results. Here are those techniques.

Sand down any mudded areas before you apply paint.

You might notice that when a wall has been professionally painted, you never see the areas where it has been patched. This is because pros do a really good job of sanding down any patched or mudded areas before they paint a room. Use a coarser sandpaper followed by some finer sandpaper. Then, use a microfiber cloth to wipe up any dust. This will create a more even surface for you to paint over.

Use the best primer you can buy.

Primer helps paint adhere properly. It also helps even out the texture of your wall, filling in tiny divots. Plus, it will give you some extra coverage if the color you're trying to cover is darker. Primer comes in a wide range of qualities. Pros tend to use the more expensive, higher-end brands. Splurge a little on primer, and your paint job will look more professional in the end.

Use a brush on the edges and a roller in the middle.

Rolling the walls will prevent any brush strokes from being left behind. But it's hard to get into the corners with a roller. So, the best painting approach overall is to use a brush to paint your corners. Then, roll the centers of the walls, going over as much of the brushed surfaces as you can. As you roll, try to do so in multiple directions to avoid leaving lines or ridges.

Keep a wet edge.

For smooth, even edges, make sure you keep plenty of paint on the brush at all times. You always want the edge of your brush to be wet with paint. This will help prevent overlap marks and streakiness in the final result.

If you want the very best paint job possible, hire a pro. But know that with the tips above, you can likely get close to professional results on your own. For more information, contact a company like Painting Innovations.


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Adding Paint To Your Walls

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